In Memoriam 


With tremendous sadness we very much regret the passing of

 Mr Gordon Smith author and founder of Naval-History.net.




We would especially like to acknowledge the assistance of the late Mr Gordon Smith who opened his website Naval-History.Net to us.


Gordon Smith was of tremendous assistance to our project.

When we were just beginning he provided much needed encouragement plus practical help and advice.

We regarded him as the foremost authority on matters relating to Royal Navy History and his website is ample testimony to that opinion.


I am very glad to have had the opportunity to visit him in Wales and to spend time with him.

 We are extremely grateful for all that he achieved and the legacy which is his website.


Russell J Taylor June 2017




Gordon Smith  DSC00799

Mr Gordon Smith and Russ in Wales



For the story of his website on one page I sincerely recommend you look at:






Gordon Smith

Gordon Smith


Gordon Smith, creator of Naval-History.Net, died peacefully on 16 December 2016 aged 75.

Gordon started the site in 1998, initially with books he had written on the Royal and Dominion Navies of World War 2.
Over the following 18 years, Gordon massively expanded the site to include a wide range of naval history research.
This allowed often hard-to-find and difficult-to-interpret contemporary accounts to be made readily available.
The website was central to Gordon's life.
Through it he was able to pursue his most important goal: to memorialize the brave sailors who served.

Gordon will be missed dearly by his family and friends.












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