The Invasion of Elba




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Film Number ADM 566


Title:  Operation Brassard -The Assault on Elba


Mediterranean Operations of the Royal Navy

                                                                              Production Company:    British Movietone News

                                                                                             Cameraman:    N Fisher

                                                                                      Production Date:    17/10/1944



                                                                                                       Author's Note:

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A series of films showing:


African troops of the 9th French Colonial Infantry Division boarding Royal Navy LCI (L)s in Corsica.

The assault convoy en route, and the landings, made at first light (0400 hours)

in the Golfo di Campo on the south coast of the Island of Elba.





Film 1


Sequence showing French African troops embarking on LCI (L) 274 and others alongside.

Before boarding, the men each pick up a lifebelt from a jumbled pile on the quayside.

Although the troops have US uniforms, arms and equipment

 some have their helmets marked with the anchor emblem of the French Colonial Forces.


There follows a close up film of Generals Lattre de Tassigny and Martin and staff officers.

De Tassigny walks along the quayside in conversation with Rear-Admiral Troubridge.



Film 2


The convoy at sea. A long range shot from a LCI (L) to three more in line astern with LCAs.

 A crewman on the camera-craft semaphores to LCI (L) 274 which is steaming parallel to the camera-ship in the second column of the convoy. General view of the convoy astern. Ceremonial raising of the White Ensign and Tricolour on board the camera-ship.



Film 3


Night firing sequence.



Film 4


The landings.


Mid long-range shot off the starboard quarter showing LCI (L) 237 as she heads inland with the camera-ship.

Her bow ramps have been slid out ready for release. A heavy smokescreen obscures the shore.

A salvo of three shells from a defending shore battery fall near a group of LCTs. More follow and the landing craft withdraw.



Film 5


The LCI (L)s fire 40mm tracer at the shore. A small fire burns on a hillside. More shells fall amidst the assault craft.



Film 6


Close up of a sailor operating a signal searchlight on the camera-ship, now lying close inshore.

Long range of a group of LCVPs and two LCAs laying smoke and a mid-range shot of a passing LCM (3)

It has an aircraft engine mounted on a frame in the hold and a smoke generator venting through a high exhaust tube at the stern.

The aero engine is running and thus blowing the smoke directly astern.



Film 7


A mid-range film of LCI (L) 240 as she disembarks men into a LCA alongside. LCT 356 passes.

Shells fall astern as the camera-craft makes a sharp stern to starboard.



Film 8


An Insect Class gunboat (Cockchafer or Scarab) lying stationary at its bombardment position as LCTs pass it heading inshore.






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