The Invasion of Sicily




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Film Number ADM 510


Title:  Operation Husky – The Invasion of Sicily


Mediterranean Operations of the Royal Navy

                                                                           Production Company:    Gaumont British News

                                                                                          Cameraman:    H. J.   Morley

                                                                                   Production Date:    7/1943



                                                                                                       Author's Note:

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Film 1:


Opening scenes onboard a Colony Class cruiser as men scan coast and sky.

Gunnery and Navigation Officers check the ship’s position for bombardment.

In the distance the monitor HMS Erebus fires a salvo. There are explosions onshore as enemy aircraft bomb the beach-head.

LCIs (L) lie offshore. There follows a mid-distance sequence off the port bow of HMS Mauritius as she fires 4-inch AA.

Then a sequence as a stick of bombs splashes around the transports. Flak pursues a high level raider.



Film 2:


A sequence from the eyes of AA cruiser HMS Carlisle to a group of Indian Red Cross and freshly dressed wounded on foc’sle.

Alongside to port is an Insect Class gunboat and to starboard a LSG. A party of Indians transfers to LCA.

Long distance pan over transports, LCI (L)s and LSTs in anchorage.

Explosions on shore from an air raid. Bombs explode among the ships while a little answering flak speckles the sky.


Good mid-range sequence of bombs exploding in the water between the camera-ship HMS Carlisle and a troop transport. (Edinburgh Castle?)

 High above barrage balloons hang in a sky filled with flak. There follows a view aft from the foremast of the camera ship steaming at speed. Tracer is fired off at a distant aircraft. View off the port bow of HMS Taireas. The LCA from HMS Carlisle closes on the hospital ship.



Film 3:


A sequence showing a stricken merchantman.

Flames and smoke are billowing from the foc’sle. The crew are abandoning ship and a LCT (3) stands by to pick up the boats.

The camera ship approaches the burning vessel and an Insect Class River Gnboat also draws near, a fire hose already playing from its foc’sle.

A further sequence of the pall of smoke from the ship and from patches of oil burning on the sea.

Final sequence past the upper works of a US merchantman to the stricken vessel now completely ablaze, back broken.

LCT passes left to right.



Film 4:


Commences with a long range pan over the invasion fleet at sea in low light. There follows a long sequence showing flares at night.

The camera is stopped down so that these appear merely as groups of white dots.



Film 5:


Early light. A long range shot of LCAs as they head inshore. More flares. LCT passes diagonally right to left across the anchorage.

Inshore a destroyer lays white smoke.



Film 6:


A long range silhouette of Type III Hunt Class destroyer. Long range of LSI as landing craft head inshore in misty conditions.



Film 7:


Long range to shore. The sun is higher now and a transport and Royal Scotsman Class LSI (H)? lie offshore.

Telephoto showing troops moving inland from the beach where LSTs and smaller craft are unloading.

 Long range film of a ditched aircraft, only the tail-plane is still visible.



Film 8:


Long range film of support forces – Colony Class cruiser, a Tribal and other destroyers.

Then long range film of a coastal town.

LST and Fairmile B MLs offshore, transports and landing craft, all in poorly focussed long range silhouette.

A distant cruiser opens fire.

Then a long range shot of LCI (L) passing close to the beacon submarine followed by a long range shot off the port quarter of two LSTs lying offshore. In the background is a large three-funnelled transport.







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