Royal Navy Insect Class River Gunboat






Able Seaman

Service Number: C/JX 352195

Royal Navy

16 March 1942 – 17 March 1946




1939/1945 Star - Atlantic Star - Africa Star - Italy Star -1939/1945 War Medal




Author’s Note:

On the 10th of January 2014 we received the following email from Harold’s son Fred Bainbridge.


My father, who is still alive and is 91 years old was on the Scarab during this time and it`s only lately that he has discussed some events with my own son. He appears on the photograph of the crew and is no.25 and his name is Harold Bainbridge. He is a very reserved man and it`s difficult to get him to open up so when I saw your website it was very exciting to see him there. I think he also appears on two other photographs but it is difficult to be positive. I don`t know if you knew him. I`m hoping to show him your website as soon as I can.



Fred Bainbridge



Since then Fred has forwarded the following photos and details.


Harold served on HMS Dauntless with my Dad Frank (Buck) Taylor and both were transferred to HMS Scarab on the same date - 11 April 1943.

They served 18 months as shipmates.

Our sincere thanks to Fred and his Father Harold.



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Royal Navy Service Record


                                Name of Ship                       Substantive Rating              From                                    To


Ord. Seaman

16 Mar 1942

04 Jun 1942



  5 Jun  1942

25 Oct 1942



26 Oct  1942

10 Feb 1943


Able Seaman

11 Feb  1943

10 Apr 1943

Nile (Scarab)


11 Apr  1943

30 Jun  1944

Ft. Angelo (Scarab)


  1 Jul   1944

25 Oct  1944



26 Oct  1944

05 Jan  1945



  6 Jan  1945

13 Jul   1945



14 Jul   1945

12 Sep  1945

Pembroke IV (Chequers)


13 Sep  1945

08 Nov 1945



  9 Nov 1945

17 Mar 1946 Demobbed





Harold’s Enlistment Notice 6 Mar 1942


(Demobbed 17 March 1946) - War Gratuity and Post War Credit of Wages



Campaign Prayer – This would have been read before going into battle.


Aboard HMS Scarab

Harold Bainbridge (front)

Back row right is Leading Seaman Isaacs


Taken at Suez 1943

Back row: 'Buck' Taylor (centre),

Front row: 'Kiwi' Lemberg (left) and Harold Bainbridge (right)


Able Sea Dog “Rags” (Ship’s Mascot)


Aboard HMS Scarab

Front - Leading Seaman Isaacs

Back left - Petty Officer Darby Allen ('Bosun')


The Suez Canal 1943


Scarab crew members including “Rags” and “Jenny” (the monkey)

Front row - Leading Seaman holding Jenny and Ernie (Blondie) Thomas right.

Second row on the left 'Buck' Taylor,

Harold Bainbridge (face half hidden) is the third tallest figure at the back.

To the left of Harold is Goldie (No 64 Ship's Complement)


Scarab crew members - Suez 1943

Back row Harold Bainbridge (left)

Ernie 'Blondie' Thomas second from right


Harold Bainbridge (right) and shipmate


Ordinary Seaman Harold Bainbridge 1942


Scarab crew members enjoying a lighter moment.


HMS Scarab Soccer Team.

Harold Bainbridge front row (right)

(Note Able Sea Dog Rags skulking behind the players – right of photo)

A.B Dalzell ‘The painter’ back row – dark jumper (goal keeper)

Second Row: Left No. 63 and 2nd from right No. 65 See: Ship's Complement


The Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx  (27 May 1943)

Harold Bainbridge seated on a camel back row left.

He has noted on the photo: Georgoulas Pyramids (elevation 506)



Thought to be aboard HMS Scarab 1943 - 44


Probably aboard HMS Dauntless 1943


Thought to be aboard HMS Scarab 1943-44 (Note Flying Boats in background)


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