Throughout this project I have been very fortunate in that I have received help, support

and assistance from people worldwide.

They have encouraged and enabled me to pursue what has

become a large and complicated effort and I am most grateful to them all.


I extend my personal thanks to all these persons and organizations and have endeavoured

to acknowledge their assistance.


If I have inadvertently missed someone please let me know so that I can correct the record.


Russ Taylor 2013



My Mother, Ann Mary Bridget Taylor (and the Taylor Families in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, United Kingdom and Canada)

Thanks everyone!


Mr J D (Dave) Downey My Dad’s best mate (and like my second Dad) Australia.


Mr Fred ‘Kiwi’ Lemberg and daughter Jeni Lemberg (NZ) – Thank you very much Kiwi for being there for me with the H.M.S. Scarab project. As I said, I can see why you and Dad were great shipmates.


Mr Gordon Smith and Mr. Don Kiddle of Naval-History.netOldWeather.Org – Thank you mate for sharing all your knowledge and getting me started.


Royal Navy Archives (UK) – Mrs Lorna Read – Thank you for all your patience. It was fantastic to meet you.


Mr Frank & Viv Bee (UK) – H.M.S. Birmingham for your first hand account. Thank you for your very warm welcome. It was a fantastic day (and the hangover!)


Geoffrey B Mason (With respect – lest we forget) SERVICE HISTORIES OF ROYAL NAVY WARSHIPS IN WORLD WAR 2 (Refer above Naval-History.net)


Cecil B Hampshire author of ‘Armed with Stings’ (Crew member of HMS Moth) and the authority on Royal Navy Insect Class Gunboat history.


Dr Peter J Miller author of ‘Mainly Myself’ and Daughters (Anne, Susan and Jean). Thank you for all your assistance especially your first hand experiences as recorded in your book.


The Historic Market Town of Sudbury in Suffolk, (Sudbury.org.uk), His Worship The (former) Mayor Peter Goodchild, (Historians Shirley Smith and Val Herbert) - Thank you all for such a wonderful welcome.


Mr & Mrs David Richardson (UK) – Thank you very much for sharing your Father’s experiences and providing the photo of HMS Scarab’s crew complement. That was a fantastic contribution David.


Mr David Baynes (UK) who was kind enough to tour me round the historic port of Portsmouth (twice 2010 and 2011) and also gained me special access through his contacts to the Royal Navy archives (not open to the public) – what a fantastic experience!


Mr Bert Cochrane – H.M.S. Birmingham for his first hand account.


Mr Angus Jones (NZ), brother of Jimmy Jones – H.M.S. Aphis. Thank you for all your contributions.


Mr & Mrs Len Mell (UK) – H.M.S. Scarab   Thank you Mrs Mell, for all your cups of tea and such a fantastic day.


Mr & Mrs Derek Grainger (UK)  H.M.S. Scarab Thank you Derek and Kath for your fantastic contribution, A wonderful Tribute to your Dad  (Albert Harold Grainger)


Returned Services Association of New Zealand and Dion Crooks. (RSA Review newspaper. Thank you for your assistance.)


Returned Services Association New Lynn (newlynnrsa.org.nz) – Mr Ross Hancock, Mr Terry Wood. Thanks Terry and Ross for all your assistance


Mrs Ann Simonsen (daughter of James McKean) (UK) – H.M.S. Scarab Thank you Ann. We very much appreciated your Fantastic contribution


Mr Edward Barton (HMS Gentian) (NZ). Thanks Edwin for all your valued advice.


Imperial War Museum (UK)








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