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H.M.S. Scarab – Lieutenant Ewan Cameron


New September 2022


For many years we have sought and been unable to find details regarding the Skipper of H.M.S. Scarab.


Until now.


This man carried the responsibility for his ship and crew through some of the darkest days of the war.

He was highly regarded by his men.

This is the tale of someone who became a Leader of Men and an Ambassador for his country.

His Tribute also carries details of the distress his family experienced after the sinking of S.S. Nellore.









We recently received correspondence from the son of Lawrence Harold Peart,

who was a shipmate of Frank S Taylor on the HMS Birmingham.

We thank the family of Lawrence Peart for this correspondence.


These files have all been revised to add his name:


HMS Birmingham WW2



Dear Sir,


I can confirm that the sailor in the middle of the picture, a shipmate of Frank S Taylor was ABS Lawrence Harold Peart. Born on 29/01/1916, Caistor, Lincolnshire, died 04/11/1987 Louth, Lincolnshire.

My father joined the Navy & HMS Birmingham after spending time in Canada with the RAF training as a navigator. On his return there was a surplus of navigators and was given the option of a change of Service and he decided on the Navy. After the war he returned to the Police Force and the Lincolnshire Constabulary, firstly in Stamford and in 1947 he & my mother moved to Louth. Here he spent his career as Station Sergeant until his retirement. From here he became a Planning Enforcement Officer for the local district council until the age of 65 years when he retired fully.

I was his only son, I married in 1974 and have two sons. My youngest, Ross, met a Danish lady on holiday in London & formed a relationship which eventually led to marriage. They live just north of Copenhagen and have two daughters and they have the surname, Peart. The family are regular visitors to Tivoli Gardens as am I & my wife on occasion when we visit them.

I can remember seeing a photograph of my father in Tivoli after VE Day but this was a picture of him on his own but the same setting. He told me that a group of "the lads", from HMS Birmingham had gone on shore leave for a break. Somehow that picture disappeared, and I have no record of the Danish connection our family have, until now! That missing photograph has haunted me for some time and I so wanted to find it, so that my granddaughters could see and know that their Great Grandfather had been, not just in Denmark but Copenhagen and Tivoli Gardens, where they experience so much pleasure. On the evening of Saturday 30th December, I suddenly decided to start some research on the HMS Birmingham in May 1945. I was looking at pictures of sailors lining the decks, getting off the boat etc; so imagine how delighted I was when I came across this picture of Frank S Taylor with two comrades one of which is my Father!

I am now in apposition to show my Danish family a part of their history, as Danes, the surrender of the German Fleet and that their Great Grandfather is not only a part of that history, but also enjoyed the Tivoli Gardens as they regularly do.


Kind regards, 

Howard T Peart 




We recently received correspondence from the grand-niece of Bert Lazell, referred to as “The Painter”,

who took care of Jenny and Rags the ship’s two mascots. He was always referred to as A B Dalzell.

We thank the family of Bert Lazell for bringing this to our attention.


These files have all been revised to correct his name:


World War II


Ships Complement & Crew Photos (Oct 1943)


Ship’s Mascots


Ernest (Blondie) Thomas


Harold Bainbridge


Insect Class



Hi there,


My name is Amelia Toms, myself and my mum have found your website just by googling her uncles ship name.  Her lovely uncle Bert was married to her mums’ twin Iris, unfortunately we lost Auntie Iris last year, she was 95. We would regularly go through pictures that uncle Bert had got as he always had a camera and took his own pictures where ever he was. I have some pictures we have found going through her things you might be interested in? 


We have really enjoyed looking at the pictures. My great-uncle on my mother’s side is featured on your site.  You have him down as A B Dazell, this is a mistake as his name is Bert Lazell. Also, I remember him calling the Monkey “Gin Girl”. He always had lots of stories to tell us about his time on the Scarab and has so many pictures of his own that he took.


Kind regards, 

Amelia Toms




Bert Lazell is on the first camel from the left.




HMS Scarab


World War II

Revised June 2023


Great Pyramid of Giza with Sphinx in background     Cairo, Egypt  1943



Present Day



 Author’s Note:


A very good friend of mine - Neil (Harko) Harkin took a recent trip to Egypt.

He is aware of the website and took these snaps.

Many thanks for your contribution “Harko”.

 Cheers Mate.




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